Building Relationships. Building trust

We believe in openness and honesty when it comes to your remodel. We take great pride in our transparency and the dialogue we have with our customers.

Your comfort – spatially and financially – is our priority. Candidly, the two biggest fears we encounter on jobs are ‘fear of the unknown,’ and ‘fear of being taken advantage of.’ Our personalized process exists to alleviate these fears and create an invaluable relationship between our customers.

Every job, every home we take on is inherently unique. The price of your remodel may depend on the orientation of the space, the age and configuration of your home and the materials necessary to complete your project. With so many variables to consider, we provide our customers with a range of options that best accomplish their vision for their home.

We are happy to share some average figures with you below – however, for a more accurate and personalized estimate, please contact us to schedule a meeting with us to take your first step toward realizing your vision.

Cedarburg Wisconsin Kitchen Remodel

Concrete counter tops. Subway tile backsplash. Integrated sinks. The list of possibilities is virtually endless. Taking time and materials into consideration a full kitchen remodel starts at approximately $75,000 not including appliances.

Master Bathroom Remodel in Mequon, WI

The average American will spend approximately 64 hours in a bath or shower a year. Updating your bathroom means elevating the quality and relaxation that come from those hours. A full bathroom remodel can start at approximately $40,000; Master Bathroom remodeling starts at around $50,000.

Cedarburg Wisconsin Kitchen Remodel

Simple finished lower levels can start around $50,000 and more detailed elements like bars, kitchens or built-ins will add additional costs. Adding a bathroom in a basement starts at in the $40,000 range.

We believe that design is the art of finding the solution to getting you what you want within a budget you are comfortable with.  The old carpenter’s adage is, “measure twice, cut once.” This is no less true when it comes to designing your project. From preliminary plans and sketches to final construction drawings, we explore all options and opportunities with you. You decide when you are satisfied, and you make the decisions on what options are right for you. Our role in design is to help guide you toward realizing your dream with an investment that you are comfortable with.

Custom Hallway & Library Addition in Mequon, WI

Adding on to your home can be an expensive endeavor but a deeply rewarding one. Whether it’s more space you long for or bringing a room to life, Carmel Builders is here to make those desires reality. Pricing a home addition can vary greatly; as a guide sunrooms start around $75,000, master suites start at $150,000. For small bump-outs pricing may start around $40,000 but larger rooms and detailed spaces often exceed $100,000.

River Hills, Wisconsin Remodeling Project - Additions

It’s hard to quantify the cost of remodeling an entire home – qualifying it is much easier. Owning your own space from design direction to material selection can truly make a house a home. Whole home remodels start at approximately $250,000. 

Fox Point Wisconsin New Home Construction

Building your own home means being in control of your total space from design, to layout, to actualization. Our process involves time and attention up front, so that every bit of thoughtfulness and care goes into your construction. It is our desire to help you design and develop not just a new home, but most importantly, a better one; it is about space, not size. Pricing and plans are provided up front so you have a full understanding of what we are developing together. Because of our attention to detail, new homes start at or near $300/sq. ft.