Tracy Schmidt


Tracy ensures that prior to construction starting, all projects move through the Carmel Builders design and development process in an orderly fashion. Under her watch, clients receive the service and attention necessary to guarantee their projects are ready for construction in an accurate and timely manner.

She collaborates with all team members on a daily basis to ensure clients receive excellent service throughout this process.  For Tracy, it’s about doing the right thing, no matter what, to build trusting relationships.

With a BA in Business Administration, Tracy relishes learning and is always seeking opportunities to expand her remodeling industry knowledge. She values the fact that Carmel Builders provides opportunities to learn new skills and programs to enhance her workflow and processes. Additionally, she is known for holding ethical conduct in the utmost importance. For Tracy, it’s about doing the right thing, no matter what.  By adhering to this value, she knows it helps build trusting relationships.

Outside of the office, having an active son keeps Tracy busy, attending his sporting events and volunteering at school events/activities.  She is an advocate and coaches others on the benefits of using essential oils and natural products to improve overall well-being. She is an animal lover and tends to her furry friends, which include cats, dogs, and horses. Overall, her relationship skills prove that she is the perfect Design & Development Manager for Carmel Builders.