Robert Schwalbach


As Project Manager, Robert is one of the main conduits of information and communication between the client and Carmel Builders, along with all the vendors/ trade partners who are part of the team.  With daily schedule updating, material procurement and delivery, and site supervision, he understands what a client is ultimately looking for throughout their entire project’s life cycle. His number one goal is to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for our customers…which happens to be a core part of Carmel Builders’ mission.  

In the last 23 years, Robert has had the benefit of working for other residential remodelers. Bringing this experience to the Carmel Builders team seemed like a natural fit for him personally and professionally.

When not taking care of client projects, Robert likes to work on projects at home as he is an avid craftsman of furniture design and construction. He also enjoys being outdoors cycling, skating/snowboarding, and the continued effort of landscaping. His favorite times, however, are spent with his wife and two children and the many adventures they go on.