Louis Weiher, CR, CCP


Louis has always been passionate about his work. He started running the company after his father started and managed the company for many years. He is known around the office for being a fun-loving boss, leader, and mentor for everyone at Carmel Builders.

Louis believes in setting his team up for a ‘win’ and instills action and encouragement that enables everyone at Carmel Builders to step up and knock projects out of the park.

Owning your home as part of the American Dream is about providing your family with a secure living space… it’s about the experiences and memories you achieve when having a home to call your own.

Louis Weiher

One aspect of being a professional team of builders is knowing the industry and customers mindset. Louis knows how to engage with his customers and provides as much knowledge as needed to ensure the customer makes a decision with their best interest in mind.

Pushing people to remodel or build new is not part of his business strategy. Instead, he values relationships with their clients and wants every experience to be as professional and satisfying as possible. This is partly why Carmel Builders has seen such immense growth under his watch.

As he took over the company, he set up goals to establish their culture to not just drive growth but allow for the right work-life balance for the Carmel Builders team. He wholeheartedly believes that the collective effort of the team is behind the company’s success, which shows in their many nominations and recent national award acknowledgements.

Louis also knows the remodeling world is bigger than just Carmel Builders. That’s why he dedicates himself to numerous community groups, such as:

  • Serving on the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Board of Directors as a member of the Finance Committee and the Bylaws & Ethics Committee.
  • Sits as Chairman of the MATC Carpentry and Cabinetmaking Advisory Committee.
  • An active member of the Chancellor’s Athletic Campaign Cabinet at UW-Milwaukee.

As much fun and passion as Louis brings to Carmel Builders, he brings the same to his time away from the company. Louis enjoys hanging with his wife, Kate, and dog, Owen. He rarely stands still and occupies much of his free time in the great outdoors. His outdoor passions include fishing (ask him about that one musky that got away), camping, and skiing. One weekend you may find him climbing rock walls in Kentucky with his wife. The next weekend he may be on a 20-mile trail run through a local park. From your remodeling project to his daily life, Louis knows the journey is just as important as the final destination.