John Spaeth


With over 28 years of building experience as a rough and finish carpenter, John loves seeing the project come together from scratch and being the one who built the framework.

John has extensive expertise in all aspects of construction and is committed to completing every Carmel Builders project on-time while maintaining the highest-quality craftsmanship. His work is the only proof needed to show he values being a part of the Carmel team.  It takes a special mind to build complex structural frames and John is the guy to get it done.

Give this guy a cup of coffee and watch him:

  • Build wildly unique and beautiful frames
  • Adapt and pick up where others left off to finish up a framework
  • Bring a client’s idea to life
  • Leverage his driven mindset to master his craft

He is passionate about making sure Carmel clients are happy, not only with the finished remodel but also with the process and the company.  He takes pride in his performance and works hard every day to put forward the most value possible in each project.

When John isn’t busy working, you can find him either hunting or fishing while jamming out to some Rock & Roll.  Additionally, he values spending time with family and spares no expense spoiling his three grandchildren.