Questions for Contractors | Episode 12 | Carmel Builders Sidelight Series

December 20, 2020

Carmel Builders President & Owner Louis Weiher discusses important questions that you can ask a potential contractor when you’re looking to hire someone for a project on your home.


Hi everybody, back with another episode of our Sidelights series, and I’d like to share with you three questions that you can ask your potential contractor when you’re looking to hire someone for a project near home. These are different questions and maybe your traditional ones, but I think they’re really important. So when you’re interviewing someone on the phone, in person, whatever, considering to hire this contractor for your home, ask them these three questions.

The first one, what’s their average project? Now that can be like the average project size or could be maybe a range; a great question a client asked me not too long ago is “what’s the smallest and the biggest project you’ve done in the last couple of years?” And that’s really great because you can find out where you fit into that. If you’re right at the very bottom end or at the top end or worse outside of that range, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with this person, but you should definitely another conversation or continue a conversation making sure that your project is the right fit with them, that they can really handle what you want to do. And that’s really true also, on the small end of the scale, too, you don’t want to hire somebody who’s doing a hundred thousand dollar projects for your fifty thousand dollar project, generally not a great fit on that.

Second question that I recommend is project management. What’s their style? What’s their method for managing projects? A lot of different ways you can do that. Some people have their smaller projects, often run by what’s called the Lead Carpenter, single person handling things kind of swinging. And the other projects are run by project managers. At Carmel, we have two project managers. Each one runs two projects and we’re running a max of four at a time. That’s really foundational to how we do business, but that might not be right for you. But whoever you’re working with should tell you exactly how project management is going to work. It’s just as important as the design and all the other parts that go into the project.

The last one is really a little bit more open ended, but it’s a philosophy. It’s what do you stand for? Who are you? And I really believe that if you’re going to work with a professional remodeler, they should tell you, frankly, what their mission statement is or what their core values are, or even just a real quick summary, concise, falls right off the tongue of what’s their philosophy, what do they believe in? Because ultimately, I talked about this before. It’s about relationships. And if you guys don’t see eye to eye at this, you’re going to probably not see eye to eye and a lot of things. And you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

So, again, three questions that probably haven’t heard before, but I recommend average project size, how they do project management, what’s their philosophy or their mission? What’s important to them. So thanks a lot. I’ll look forward to meeting you on another series coming down the road. Click somewhere down below. Subscribe. Thank you again.