Louis, Carmel Builders Owner, Talks to Pro Remodeler Magazine

August 17, 2020

Did you know that Carmel Builders use a HEPA air scrubber on every project? Our owner, Louis, discusses with Pro Remodeler Magazine about one item he feels every contractor should own and he chose the Build Air Scrubber because we simply can’t imagine a project without one. Louis discusses the first project we did where we used one on a condo demo with limited ability to open up making the space very hazy. The air scrubber cleared it out in about 15 to 20 minutes, a noticeable difference from previous projects where we used a fan to vent air out a window. The scrubber has an auto setting that will turn the unit on when needed, so we leave it on nearly 24/7 unless asked to turn it off, as it does make noise. We change the course pre-filter with every job, and the inner HEPA filter get changes out twice a year.

Though we’re busy, Louis states, “we can’t produce at the same volume that we could six months ago. Keeping the air clean can help keep your workers healthy. If employees get sick, that costs real money. The BuildClean unit pays for itself in a year because it helps keep my workers from getting sick and falling out of the workforce.”

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