Maximizing Small Space Storage

July 13, 2020

Join Carmel Builder’s President & Owner Louis Weiher as he explores some of Carmel’s favorite ways to maximize storage in small spaces.


So let’s talk about some ideas for ways that you can make your kitchen more functional, take advantage of some of the space that you have. Pretty much every kitchen remodel that we do, people want to make sure that they have more storage, more storage, more storage. So I got three things on this particular kitchen that we did that might help on your project.

Number one, you notice we have the microwave here. And it’s just had to do with the layout. It’s a relatively small space we had with the microwave here. And as a result, this area back here can oftentimes become what we call Blind Corner. It’s one of those corners you can’t get too easily. Things get buried back there, and you just never see them. So what we’ve got is a really cool solution of a piece of hardware. And this is really heavy. This is all solid wood, pretty darn heavy duty. And you can see we can pull it out here, can access all this stuff.

And then slide it in, turns back up there. Just a really good solution for if you’re looking to find a way to take advantage of all that space. I mean, this colander here, for instance, you know, it’s just kind of a big clunky item, but what a great spot for it. You can get to it rather easy. But hey, folds back away. Close it up.

So next thing we’ll talk about is drawers, lots of drawers in kitchens, less doors. We like to use a lot of drawers. But let’s make the drawers work. And in this case, we actually built our utensil storage right in the drawers. We put these angled dividers and I love this because now you’ve got a spot for the little stuff, you’ve got a spot for the medium stuff, and then the longer, bigger items. And again, it’s all right here. Easy to see. Things don’t get lost.

If you’re looking for the meat thermometer, you know it’s up here. It’s not buried in with the spatulas, ladles, whatnot. So it’s just a really cool way to just make your drawer space better. I mean, the cost of this is next to nothing. It’s just thinking ahead of what it’s going to be used for. You’ll notice soft close drawers all the time.

Never anything but that. Lastly, pantry space. Everybody wants a pantry, walk in pantry next to an island. Walk in pantry is the most requested thing in the kitchen. But the truth is, most kitchens don’t have the space for a walk in pantry. Good news is we can give you a tremendous amount of space inside the cabinetry. So check this out. We opened up this pantry and here we’ve got on the door can storage. And I mean, look at this, this is some heavy stuff in here. Very solid, very beefy hinges. This can handle easily the weight that they’re putting on there.

But, you know, now a lot of this stuff right here and then back behind, little deeper in there, because we have to have room for the door stuff, pull out shelves. So check us out. All those things that maybe in the past, a pantry like this which just get buried in the back, they’re not buried in the back. They’re right here. You know what? You need it. You grab it. Easy to get to put it away and then.

Close up the doors and voila.

You know, so the easy way to use cabinetry, use the space you have. We come with a lot of solutions doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to blow out your kitchen, put an addition and to it to get you more storage. So just some ideas for you and your project going forward.