Designer vs Contractor Roles | Episode 3 | Carmel Builders Sidelight Series

June 27, 2019

In episode 3 of our Sidelight Series Vlog, we take a look at the role of the Designer versus the Contractor in a remodeling project. Both are extremely important but understanding their differences and choosing who comes first in the scope of your project is an important consideration.


Hi, I’m Louis Weiher with Carmel Builders. It is our mission to provide a positive and enjoyable experience that improves both lives and homes. And with that in mind, I want to talk a little bit today about the designer versus the contractor. Both parties are super important for your remodeling project. How do you choose one or the other or do you choose somebody who does both? So let’s talk a little bit about what the strengths a designer brings to the table. The key thing a designer does is communicate ideas. They’re going to have the experience of what can be done. What are the trends that are out there? They’re going to really help you as a homeowner take the ideas that you have in your head and get them transferred onto paper because you probably have a vision of what your perfect kitchen or your addition or your new home is going to look like. A designer has to help guide that from your brain onto paper. So that’s really one of the big strengths of the designer. They also are going to be creative and solutions based. So they should have a lot of different ideas that they can help you work through that. That’s only half of it.

The other half, though, is what does the contractor bring? Strengths of the contractor is helping you figure out how feasible is it. And when we talk about a design idea, can it be done and can it be done realistically and at an appropriate budget? A contractor is going to say this is how we can accomplish it and also, how much is it going to cost? Because great ideas are fantastic if you don’t care how much something costs. I will tell you that in 40 years of business at Carmel Builders, we’ve yet to have a client who doesn’t care how much it costs. If you’re the first, you should call today. But the truth is, cost matters. It’s a big part of what you can and can’t do.

So the third point here is so important. Bring them together. So many homeowners choose to hire a designer first, come up with this amazing design and then try to hire a contractor that fits their budget. And if you remember from our previous video, we talked about that. Look, the contractor isn’t really the big driver on the cost. The projects the big driver. So bring them together at the same time, hire somebody who works as a team, hire a design build firm. Any of those work. If you love a designer and you like what they do and you feel the great connection with them. Awesome. Hire them. Bring them on board. But bring on a contractor soon as well so that you get some real feedback on the feasibility and cost for your project.

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