What Drives Cost In Remodeling Projects? | Episode 1 | Carmel Builders Sidelight Series

May 13, 2019
I’m excited to welcome you to the first installment of what we are calling our “Sidelight Series.” One of the benefits of celebrating 40 years in business is that it has given us a chance to look back and consider how fortunate we are to have learned so much over four decades. Reflecting on that history, I realize that most of what we understand through our experience of remodeling thousands of homes is new and unknown to those who are just starting to consider a project of their own.

In the building trade, a sidelight is defined as “a narrow window or pane of glass set alongside a door or larger window”. A sidelight is also defined as “a piece of incidental information that helps to clarify or enliven a subject.” I think that both descriptions accurately define our goal with this series.

Whether doing your own research or literally standing aside a door, peering in to glimpse a project, I hope to provide you a peek into the remodeling process. You will receive some valuable insights into the lessons we have learned from 40 years of trial and error, some good luck, and lot of hard work and education. We will cover how to decide a budget, how to find a reliable Home Remodeling Company, what upgrades offer the best ROI, and much more! As the series unfolds, if you have any topics or ideas that you want to see featured, please drop me a note, and I’ll include in a future video.

Enjoy the Sidelight Series and on behalf of the entire Carmel Builders team, I hope we are able to help you in answering questions and making decisions about your home; today and in the future.


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