Carmel Builders Long Standing Charitable Tradition

December 1, 2018

Christmas is indeed a time of giving.  Here at Carmel Builders, we count our blessings, our business success, our great team of employees and vendors, our incredible, loyal customers.  It’s our good fortune to be able to share those blessings through charitable contribution.

Our gift is a long-standing Carmel tradition to help struggling families and communities. Donating a cow makes a difference by boosting daily nutrition in poverty-stricken villages. Once again, Carmel Builders is donating a cow to Heifer International for Christmas!  Heifer International’s goal is to make every family sustainably self-reliant by giving them the tools to produce food and a reliable income.

You can read more about this remarkable 70 year old charitable organization by visiting their web site here.

Or take a few minutes to watch the below video to learn about their history, starting with one man determined to help feed the world!