New and Fresh Custom Remodeling Ideas and Trends for Bathrooms

November 20, 2018

If you’re looking into bathroom remodeling McKinney TX, you’ll notice how many design options there are. If you want your bathroom to stand out then you might want to try basing your remodel off one of the latest trends. While this may not work in some bathrooms, for any number of reasons, if the bathroom is large enough, we’re seeing many homeowners embracing the idea of freestanding bathtubs. There has been a rise in vintage bathtubs too as people strive for a bathroom that exudes class and elegance.

There is something quite comforting about a hot bath after a hectic day at work or at home with an active family. Freestanding tubs are often deep and feel very luxurious for a good soak making the bathroom feel and look more like a mini spa.

Particularly with many of today’s interior design concepts of “shabby-chic”, freestanding tubs often are design with a vintage flair, which adds warmth to a bathroom.

However, if you are considering a freestanding tub, it’s important to remember that having the appropriate size bathroom makes all the difference, particularly if you still want a shower stall in the bathroom or have one of many walk in showers available. You may have the ability to extend space with an adjoining room or closet to expand the bathroom area. Trying to add a shower to a freestanding bathtub is awkward. It will only detract from the beauty that the tub offers.

A smaller bathroom, like the one seen below may not allow room for a bathtub. One of the best ways to spruce up and fashion the bathroom is the use of contrasting tiles with hexagons and herringbone. Offset with wood trim and bronze fixtures highlights the room and creates that luxurious warm feel.

In addition to the space dilemma, many baby boomers are opting for showers only with appropriate grab bars, bench seats and even wheelchair access.

The bottom line is that bathroom remodeling can be as creative as any other room in the house!
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