The Real Price of a Remodel Comes in Finding ‘Lasting Value’ in Your Project

October 10, 2018

The question of finding lasting value in a remodeling project is fairly simple when you think about it. When you do your project, is it going to last and is it going to hold its value? When it comes to hiring a point cook electrician, or one that’s more local for that matter, to upgrade the electrics in order for them to be deemed safe, the answer is always yes. It’s a question however that I don’t think gets asked enough. Why is this such an important concept when it comes to remodeling? While it’s important to budget, I think many customers let price be the driving force of a remodel, even if it’s just a simple Boston Interior Design remodel. I’d caution that when price becomes the driver, you lose out on lasting value. This even goes for things like light fixtures – you can opt for basic fixtures that don’t do anything to raise the overall quality of the space you’re remodeling or you could consider a custom light fixture for lasting value and visual impressiveness. Sometimes, it’s worth spending more money to achieve a remodel that you’re proud of. When adding custom light fixtures into your home, it might be more complex than normal. To ensure it’s being installed correctly, it might be worth contacting an electrician to ensure everything is connected properly and functioning well. That can give homeowners peace of mind.

As someone who’s been in the remodeling industry for a long time, I believe there are important components that go into remodeling a home before a price is even determined. A detailed plan, scope of work, and a thorough list of specifications all need to be created to ensure the customer is getting everything they want, and so that both sides understand every detail of the remodel. One thing you can never specify and you can never put into a scope is the quality of work.

My team and I have come across situations where the customer is looking for a remodeling company who will do everything they want, for the cheapest price. I would caution homeowners that anyone that is willing to give you something for free is not placing lasting value on that part of the project. If other companies are charging much less, they have to be cutting corners in some way. This may be in the quality of workmanship. Once something is replaced, you shouldn’t have to replace anything for 50 years. I’ve seen customers take a cheaper route on a remodel and in 5-6 years the remodel is falling apart. So a contractor who thinks that price is most important upfront is telling you that lasting value isn’t important to them. We say let’s do it right. We talk about quality. That means we hire professionals who value what they do.

Lasting value isn’t just found in the quality of work but in the materials your contractor chooses for the job. Too often we see corners cut in the products used on a remodel. For example, when we know our clients want their kitchen to last for generations, we make sure to recommend faucets, sinks, and cabinets that match that desire. They may not be the cheapest initially, but we know through experience what will hold lasting value and in the end, cost our customers far less in the long run. We work with partners who only supply and install materials that they believe in because they’ve got the integrity and they want it to be done right. The reality is you get what you pay for. With remodeling, if you buy smart, and buy quality, and buy with long-term purpose and value in mind, you really can have it last longer.

Lasting value also takes into account how a space is going to work for you as a person, or a family, in the long run. Designing an amazing kids playroom will only last until the kids are grown-ups. Then the space will need to function for grown ups. Same with a kitchen, are we designing and building a kitchen because you really want it to work great for those huge family gatherings that you have twice a year? Does the space work for your family on a regular basis? So a successful project is a matter of quality of work and materials but also long-term function.

At Carmel Builders, we love working with customers who have already assigned value to their home and can see its potential moving into the future. So before considering a remodel, ask, “What is the value in it for me?” And when you begin your search, don’t hesitate to contact us about your potential remodeling project.