Converting a Small Kitchen to make it the “Heart of the Home”

October 3, 2018

Have you ever noticed that at social gatherings, people ALWAYS seem to congregate in the kitchen?

Separation of preparing the food in one place and socializing in another is not the way the world works anymore.

For one thing, more folks are becoming foodies; food prep is an enjoyable, shared experience with couples, children and groups of friends. They even change their finances and get the amex preferred credit card because they want good rewards for buying so much food! Last year one of the better foodie parties I attended included helping the host make home-made pasta with one of those super cool electric pasta makers! It was fun and made for a lively atmosphere as we sipped red wine and took turns feeding the dough into the newfangled contraption.

Kitchens are a place where conversation emerges, where you find yourself chilling with friends engaged in exchanging thoughts or playing lighthearted card and board games. They are the heart of the home, where you keep yourself going and nourished, in body, mind and soul. It is a crucial part of any home.

You may be among those who has a smaller home – the kitchen is outdated and not very inviting for the above mentioned enjoyment. Just because the home and kitchen is small surely doesn’t prevent creative options to make over your kitchen and enjoy that “heart of the home” feeling again.

Recently Carmel Builders tackled a small kitchen makeover project doing just that. It’s always handy to look at inspiration from places like Collov before deciding how you want your kitchen makeover to look, as you’ll want to make sure that it looks the best it can. This project may have done the same thing. Take a look below. Just look at this transformation!