Carmel Builders Earns REMODELING Magazine Big50 Award!

August 30, 2018

Every year REMODELING magazine releases their list of the 50 best home remodeling companies in the U.S. and this years list includes one Wisconsin company, Carmel Builders. What makes a remodeling company Big50 material? Revenue? The volume of projects? Not exactly. For REMODELING, it’s not just a numbers game—though numbers do make a difference. Several factors are considered, like whether they have a dedicated and innovative approach to remodeling. In addition, the judges take into account the motivation of the company, how they treat their employees and clients, and even the character of the employees. To REMODELING, a company’s unique success story is what makes them a contender for the list. The team here at Carmel Builders couldn’t be more excited to make this year’s Big50 list!

We want to extend a special thanks to our dedicated staff who made this all possible. Receiving this award speaks directly to our values, cohesive culture, and the quality of our work.

“To get a sense of how unique this status is, consider there are roughly 98,000 remodeling firms in America with paid staff…Since 1986, we have selected only about 1,600 firms. That’s just 1.6% of all the remodeling businesses in the country today.”
   ~ Craig Webb, REMODELING’s Editor-in-Chief.

A Revitalized Family Business

Our 38-year old company officially changed hands from mom and dad to son in 2016. Current owner, Louis Weiher, declares that the secret to his business is customer service. The quality of work needs to be there, but he recognizes that the customer wants to be delighted by their experience with Carmel Builders. To achieve this, we dedicate a tremendous amount of effort into project management. In fact, one of Weiher’s first moves as sole owner of the company was to have more project managers than field workers. This counter-intuitive move proved to be Carmel Builders secret weapon—we can remain in constant communication with the client to ensure they are satisfied with the work.

“It started with learning how to hire well. When hiring someone, we look at their skills but also how they’ll fit into the culture of the company.

We get feedback from employees on what matters to them. The reason for their hard work should be to enjoy their passions, families, and community.”
   ~ Louis Weiher, President of Carmel Builders

Employees Mean A Lot 

Carmel Builder’s relationship with their employees also makes us stand out. Our salaried employees get unlimited time off. Part of the Carmel Builders’ culture is valuing employees wellness. We know that working is a part of life, not the whole thing. We also do not worry about employees abusing this policy. Carmel Builders hires employees who will fit well into our growing culture.

“I love working at Carmel Builders, it’s a great atmosphere built on trust and Midwest values.  As a project coordinator, each day brings a new challenge.  Carmel encourages employees to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and the blender makes awesome fruit smoothies.  I feel appreciated, supported and proud to be a part of such a genuine team.”
  ~ Andrea Bowe, Project Coordinator

Dedication to Quality

Most importantly, we are top-notch remodelers. We specialize in home and condo builds. Check out our gallery if you want to see proof! We also guarantee our company’s work for three years. It’s also important to make the work process “enjoyable and easy.” These are hardly the words that usually come to mind when most think of remodeling. The can-do mindset and craftsmanship are the final pieces of the puzzle that put Carmel Builders on the Big50!

“I’ve proudly spent 18 of my 25 years in the construction industry working at Carmel Builders. It’s not just the professionalism of all my co-workers and trade partners that make this a great place to work.  We truly have a family atmosphere where we not only care about our customers but each other as well.  Carmel Builders is truly a company I’m proud to work for.”
   ~ Art Cartes – Lead Carpenter


Staff at REMODELING present the Big50 awards at the Remodelers Summit and Awards Gala on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, in New Orleans. The 2018 Big50 winners are featured in the August-September issue of REMODELING.  Our Big50 profile along with the other winners can be found posted on the REMODELING website.

Again, thank you to all our staff, management, and field workers for helping make this award possible! We look forward to more bright years to come.

“I really enjoy working for Carmel Builders because it’s not really like I work FOR Carmel but WITH Carmel.   Our culture fully embraces work-life balance.  As a salesperson it is easy for me to sell my clients on Carmel Builders because I truly believe in all the people I work with, and know that each and every one of them has a great moral compass.”
~ Kate Schley – Design Consultant

Our Team – with Mom & Dad Weiher at the Ballgame

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