Family Growing Space – For Tykes & Teens – Converting Unused Space!

August 16, 2018

Are you tired of your kids constantly going to friend’s house instead of inviting them over to yours?

Ever considered converting a basement into an entertainment center to get the kids to spend more time at home?

Having space for the whole family, especially teenagers, to laugh and unwind together can be magical for making great memories. Creating zones for a full bar, ping-pong table, home theater, kids playroom, perhaps fitness equipment, gaming or a crafting area can all be considered when designing your ideal multi-purpose rec room.

Explore some new trends when deciding to build out your lower level, such as waterproof floors for those nasty spills during football games. Basements are versatile spaces with many options when it comes to making it the perfect space for you and your family.

The basement is an ideal area for adding vibrant color, ambiance lighting (like the neon light options available at Neon Mama), large area rugs, bookshelves, lighted cubicles, engineered wood flooring, sunshine and warmth. As you are going to be spending more time in the basement with your family, it is important that it is decorated to your taste so that you enjoy the time that you do spend in this room. For example, a Wood Floor may be the most popular choice when it comes to redecorating your basement, as you won’t have to worry about staining your carpet or getting it dirty with your footprints, allowing you to have as much fun as you can without having to worry about spending a lot of time cleaning up afterward. However, wooden floors do require a level of maintenance and a refinish to keep them looking brand new. If you decide to get your floors refinished, you’ll need to decide on a “look” you want – hence check out this floor polishing recommendation. Some styles of wood flooring may even have the option of an underfloor heating system so you can stay warm whilst spending some much-needed quality time in your basement. Who knows, the basement may become your favorite room in the house so you might want to make sure that you love how it looks.

When designed correctly the lower level is a great way to add space, staying power, and increase your home value.

Maybe you have a dream plan in mind or could use some ideas? Carmel Builders can help you turn your dream basement into a reality!

Just look at one of our recent lower level creations for an active family of toddlers and grade schoolers. With a laundry added downstairs, it’s all the more convenient for catching up on mounds of laundry and at the same time, spending time with the kids!