Carmel Builders is a Dog-Friendly Workplace – Here’s Why

August 9, 2018

Having a dog has long been found to be good for just about every age group.

For kids, it’s giving them a sense of responsibility, gets them outdoors playing. For families, there is a bonding with their pet, and everyone knows that Rover becomes part of the family. For those with disabilities, it’s been found that rescue dogs actually do even more than help as a seeing-eye-dog, but that these dogs help with anxiety and depression. For the elderly, it’s just another way to keep moving. Some may think having a dog within the workplace could be dirty or unhygienic, but in the end, if you clean your building, you know it’s up to standard, and alternatively, there are always professional office cleaning services that can handle the job, for instance, check out Green Facilities here.

There are a hundred and one reasons why it is good to have a dog. But isn’t it even better if, at least on occasion, you could bring your dog to work? It’s not just a nice thing to do, it means a healthier you and healthier work environment.

The International Journal of Workplace Health Management conducted a study and published it’s finding. It clearly indicated that dogs have a significant impact on workplace stress. Additionally, “studies that found that petting one’s dog lowers the owner’s blood pressure, and that interacting with animals increases people’s level of the hormone oxytocin; a neurotransmitter that’s said to increase trust and reduce fear.” Of course, bringing a dog to work isn’t just great for the dog owner, but for the dog too. We understand that some dogs get separation anxiety being away from their owners during the day, especially if the owner works long hours. While some owners may look to alternative medicines such as CBD for separation anxiety to help their dog, others may choose to bring their dog into work, allowing them to stay with them throughout the day. Doing this can help your dog calm down and feel like they are not being left, especially if they are highly anxious. So, having a dog-friendly workplace, benefits both the owner and the dog. Of course, if you are going to allow dogs into the workplace then you might want to consider redesigning your office so that it suits the dogs coming in. You should consider the dog’s requirements during your office fit out, as this will help make the office a comfortable place for everyone (human and dogs) when they are working together.

Other ways Dog-Friendly-Workplaces are great…

  • They encourage the worker to get outdoors during breaks to take the dog for a walk
  • They bring happiness to non-dog-owners, who enjoy them (and often will ask to walk them instead of sitting during their break)
  • Having a dog in the office encourages social interaction
  • Improves office morale
  • Workplace pets could be a low-cost intervention to keep employees happier and healthier

One caveat… workplace dogs must be friendly, clean, and well-behaved.

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Some of the “crew”
Louis’s dog, Owen
Andrea’s Birdie “on the job”

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