Why you may consider ditching the Tub! A different point of view.

May 16, 2018

For young families with small children, having a bathtub is pretty much a necessity. But is it necessary for your home or condo?

It very well may be a much greater convenience for both space and safety for an older couple, now empty nesters to focus on only a shower. After all, a tub requires walking over and into the tub.

Large showers today even have room for fold-out seats, which are a good, safe option for young children and the elderly, and with the installation of a custom glass shower door, you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for efficiency.

So, maybe it’s time to ditch the tub? Anyway you look at it, for your bathroom remodel, let us know what your thinking of!

One of our most recent remodels – bathroom with shower
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