Question of the Day: Should I get rid of our tub and make it a shower?

March 27, 2017

This question we get posed to us at about 50% of our initial consultation with home owners. While we don’t like to make this decision for our clients, we can definitely help in finding a solution based on some simple questions:

  1. Do you plan on selling your home in the near future, or is this shower conversion going to be enjoyed by you for years to come?
    • Recently I had a home owner state that he was never leaving his house so the resale question of keeping one tub in the house didn’t pertain to him. A very important concept to keep in mind when doing ANY remodel, the renovation needs to be done for you, and not for future buyers. So, if you plan to sell in the future then go to question #2.
  2. Is there another tub in the home?
    • If there is another tub in the home, and you tend to never use your tub. Then reusing that space for something more useful and functional is an obvious answer.
    • If there isn’t, return to question #1.
  3. Lastly, do you ever use your tub?
    • For those of you, like many of us, who have “dust collectors” taking over valuable real estate in the bathroom, if you don’t use your tub on a regular basis, then feel free to set yourself free from the tub life.
    • If you do use your tub, perhaps keeping a tub makes sense, but is there a way we could rework the room or incorporate a new one in the design that is still functional.

In the end, it’s a lifestyle question only you as a home owner can decide. But the trend as of lately is that we are removing more tubs than we are installing. There are so many wonderful shower features that we can add, and with the use of glass walls, an accurately designed shower space can truly open up a bathroom and bring functionality to a small space.

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