The Happiness Scale

October 11, 2016

We love to tell our clients that they will be so happy with their remodel.  But to get there, we have to go up and down on what we call “The Happiness Scale”.

We start out really happy that the project is starting after months of making decisions!  We are right at the top of the scale. We are all very excited to see the former space being demolished – and anticipate the transformation to come.

Then we start to slide down the scale a bit.  Rough framing, electrical and plumbing are going but it looks like nothing is being done, or at least nothing very pretty.

With drywall, we are at the lowest point.  Dust is everywhere and it takes so long to dry. It’s kind of hard to live with and we are tired of disruptions.

When finishes start going in, we move right back up the scale.   New flooring, cabinets, tops and painting show us that what we envisioned really is happening!  The new space looks amazing and we are back at the top again.

Our clients are happy once again and the space is ready to be enjoyed.
The Happiness Scale is the story of a remodel – lots of ups and downs – but a happy ending.  We feel fortunate to make the journey with them.

Birdie, the dog, is happy the bathroom is finished and has claimed her new spot.