Annual Brewers Outing with Our Team

September 6, 2016

Our Team at Carmel Builders enjoyed another great outing to Miller Park for a Brewers game.  We had planned on tailgating, but weather concerns changed that.  We enjoyed tasty fare at McGinn’s then shuttled to the stadium.  This year’s outing was extra special for three reasons:  the Brewers tromped the Rockies 7-1, Braun hit 2 home runs, and we celebrated GM Louis Weiher’s birthday! 

At Carmel, we think it’s important to work hard, but also to have fun.  Hope our friends and clients have some fun with these behind the scenes photos!  Hat’s ON to Louis & the Brew Crew!

Happy Birthday to Carmel's GM, Louis!

Happy Birthday to Carmel’s GM, Louis!

Hats ON for Louis & the Brew Crew IMG_1159 IMG_1149 IMG_1170 IMG_1151 IMG_1155 IMG_1161 IMG_1148